Adaptation of health and social services initiative 2009-2013

The CHSSN’s initiative to adapt health and social services is supported by an investment from Health Canada, through the Roadmap for Canada’s Linguistic Duality. This initiative is being undertaken in partnership with the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. An implementation agreement between the CHSSN and the MSSS was signed in order to incorporate the projects into Quebec’s initiatives to improve access to health and social services in English. The agreement also divided the roles and responsibilities among the CHSSN, the MSSS, and the health and social service agencies.

An invitation was sent to the health and social service agencies. Agencies interested in launching their projects during the current fiscal year had to submit their projects to the MSSS by October 15, 2009. The deadline for other interested agencies was December 1, 2009. The Ministère was required to evaluate the admissibility of projects based on the orientations and priorities of the MSSS and submit the projects to the Provincial Committee for an opinion to be given to the Minister of Health and Social Services. The selected projects were then sent to the CHSSN for evaluation and a decision.

The CHSSN created a project evaluation committee to assess the projects submitted to and selected by the MSSS, and based on the Provincial Committee’s opinion and the following criteria:

  • Project’s relevance in terms of the proposed objective and deliverables;
  • Anticipated impact on English-speaking client groups;
  • Anticipated impact on service practices and organization;
  • Cooperation between the public institutions and the community.

The projects were adopted by the CHSSN’s board of directors and contribution agreements were then approved by the Government of Quebec. For projects submitted by health and social service agencies, agreements were approved by decree. The projects from the Nunavik Regional Board and health and social service institutions were approved by ministerial order.

The following list of projects will be implemented by the health and social services agencies. An information sheet presents a summary description of the projects based on the information submitted by the agencies.

Summary table of the projects from the Agences de la santé et des services sociaux Adaptation of health and social services

Region Project Title Amount
(01) Bas St-Laurent Community Liaison – CSSS Phase 2
Improving avenues to promote access to health and social services for English-speaking clients
$140 000
(02) Saguenay-Lac St-Jean English-Language Tool Kit $140 000
(03) Capitale nationale “Première Ligne – Front line” for the Capitale-Nationale region $335 000
(04) Mauricie and Centre du Québec Supporting the implementation of the Program of Access to Services in the English Language for the English-Speaking Population $250 000
(05) Estrie Improving access and the continuity of services offered to English-speaking people in the Estrie region (2009-2013) $440 000
(06) Montréal Improving access to services in English in Montreal $960 000
(07) Outaouais Strengthening and continuing to enhance access to health and social services in English in the Outaouais region $488 111
(07) Outaouais STAND UP! For those aged 55+
Fall prevention program
$18 472.12
(08) Abitibi-Témiscamingue Project to adapt health promotion and prevention programs for the English-speaking clientele in Abitibi-Témiscamingue $220 000
(09) Côte Nord Overcoming the language barrier to offer quality services to everyone $275 000
(11) Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine Project promoting joint recruitment efforts by regional players to help respond to the needs for bilingual workers within the territory $265 000
(12) Chaudière-Appalaches Access to health and social services for English-speaking people from the Chaudière-Appalaches region – Revision and adaptation of the services offered by the institutions $219 000
(13) Laval Project to improve access to services in English for clients with an intellectual disability (ID) or pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), youth who may be in need of protection and people (adults and children) requiring mental health services $670 000
(14) Lanaudière Access for everyone: Better English service for the English-speaking population $282 500
(15) Laurentides Project to adapt health and social services in the Laurentides region $350 000
(16) Montérégie Improving access to health and social services for English-speaking people from Montérégie $960 000
(17) Nunavik Mentoring program and skills development pertaining to youth protection in Nunavik $309 890