Region 11 – Gaspésie—Îles-de-la Madeleine

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C.A.M.I. – Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders

CAMI and its partners, including the CISSS and community organizations working within the Magdalen Island territory, plan to increase health promotion information and activities in areas of:

Senior’s wellness (Centre du Jour on Entry Island, Wellness Centres on Entry Island, Community Garden on Entry Island, Meals on Wheels (Grosse Ile & Entry Island), Health Information Sessions for seniors (Grosse Ile & Entry Island), Inter-generational Activities, Caregiver Support)
Early childhood development (Travelling Literacy Bags and Reading Tent, Family Literacy Day)
Chronic Illness and Disease Prevention (Nutrition and Physical Activity Awareness Campaign, Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, Tobacco Awareness Campaign (youth), Limiting of Screen Time Campaign)

In addition, CAMI will collaborate with youth and various partners to develop and implement a “healthy choices” strategy, using a “for youth, by youth,” approach that aims to engage youth to design the delivery drug & alcohol free activities, while improving their health and well-being. A qualified professional supports the development and implementation of the 2-year strategy, in collaboration with partners in the community.

CASA – Committee for Anglophone Social Action

CASA’s Community for Health Initiative is two-fold, focusing on both the 0-5 target population, and the seniors’ population.
For Years 0-5 a listing of current service providers that prioritize school readiness, physical activity, and parental involvement is under development.

For Seniors main activities include:

  • Update database of general and urgent health promotion, and regional/local initiatives in need of English-language adaptation.
  • Maintain the Seniors Steering Committees, who are eager to partner with Seniors Action Quebec regarding emerging priorities.
  • Deliver Seniors’ Wellness Centre sessions
  • Maintain existing Frozen Food program(s), and continue to expand the service to vulnerable seniors.

In addition, Savvy Senior series helps seniors build skills to live safely on their own. Delivered in Spring and Fall, a facilitator combines information with interactive exercises, so that seniors are comfortable with putting their learning into practice in a safe setting, and at home. This project will increase camaraderie among participants, and those with whom they share their learnings (caregivers, family members) helping them to tap into a larger support system.

Vision Gaspé Percé Now


  • Maintain coordination of the Senior’s Wellness Centre in both Barachois and Gaspé, and host annual event to bring participants together
  • Support Stand-Up/Falls Prevention program in Gaspé led by physiotherapists from the CISSS de la Gaspésie
  • Participate in Music and Memory project (individualized music for dementia patients using iPods), with partners (Alzheimer’s Society: Gaspé Branch, the Long Term Care volunteer coordinator, and community volunteers)
  • Support Frozen Meals for Seniors program

Children and Youth

  • Continue to support “Super Nanny Arrives” Program, and Mother Goose early literacy program (0-5 years old)
  • Work with parents on healthy eating and living habits, and co-facilitate the Nobody’s Perfect Program with the Maison de la Famille
  • Support Body Image workshops (I Am Me campaign) using the Healthy Minds, Healthy Body program, and host other workshops as well


  • Participate in the Regroupment Santé Jeunesse Table, the ‘Comité de Vision’, and redevelop the Youth Integrative Table

In addition, Vision will offer the Jog Your Mind program to the Anglophone seniors community with support from the Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology (CREGES), which will complement another new initiative, funded by l’Appui, which is “Coffee and Chat” monthly support groups for caregivers.

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