Région 11 – Gaspésie—Îles-de-la Madeleine

C.A.M.I. – Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders

CAMI’s Community Health Promotion Project seeks to increase the availability of health information in English, to provide health education to the English-speaking community, and to directly address social & cultural issues that often contribute to the negative lifestyle choices, which grow chronic illnesses and diseases within the community.

These promotion efforts will be achieved through sound partnerships with the public institutions and community organizations through a coordinated and integrated approach, to offer activities such as: Breast Cancer Awareness Walk; 5/30 Health and Wellness Challenge; Drug & Alcohol & Tobacco Awareness & Prevention activities; Nutrition and healthy cooking workshops; Youth Club; Mother Goose Program; Anti-bullying campaign (pink t-shirt day); Wellness Centres; Centre du Jour; and, others as determined by the community and partners.

CASA – Committee for Anglophone Social Action

CASA’s Joining Hands for Healthcare will work in unison with the NPI Network to support the realization of a Regional Seniors Action Plan that ensures increased access to health promotion and disease prevention information in English for seniors in the CSSS Baie-des-Chaleurs and CSSS Rocher-Percé regions.

The project will also address priority health determinants of English-speaking seniors including isolation, health literacy, social support networks and food security. This will be accomplished through the development and delivery of activities including senior’s wellness centres and senior’s frozen food programs.

Vision Gaspé Percé Now

Main activities driving the HPP plan for this 2-year cycle include:

  • Maintain current health initiatives, as well as develop new ones to address the needs of the area’s ESC Seniors. This also includes providing stimulating learning opportunities that meet their interests.
  • Drive Sustainability for the Frozen Meals Program
  • Focus on the families in the ESC to ensure increased access to services
  • Bolster ESC representation on youth committees in the community
  • Continue to sponsor Nutrition Awareness in local schools

Programs that will be offered during this timeframe include:

  • Vision’s “Super Nanny Arrives” program offering respite for parents of children 1 year old and under;
  • Nobody’s Perfect parenting workshops with partner La Maison de la Famille;
  • CSSS Cote de Gaspé’s ‘Stand-Up’ Fall Prevention Program;
  • Training for the teachers, nurses, social workers, dietitians, community organizations involved in the Healthy Body Healthy Minds program “Intervening on Body Image and Weight in Adolescence”, with financial contributions from Santé Jeunesse.