Région 13 – Laval

AGAPE – The Youth and Parents AGAPE Association Inc.

‘FRIENDS’ (in this case it is an acronym that stands for Feelings, Relax, ‘I can try’, Encourage, Nurture, Don’t forget to practice, Smile-stay calm), is a program that aims to develop emotional resilience in school-aged children. The goal, established in the last Roadmap funding, was to disseminate the program to students aged 4 to 7 in the Laval schools of the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board. FRIENDS’ Train the Trainer programs train and accredit teachers and professionals to deliver The FUN FRIENDS program for 4 years, with the option to renew their training.

Agape wishes to provide training for teachers and professionals in the Laval English schools, in order to cover the entire territory. In the next two years, Agape will implement this program (1) in the remainder of the Laval grade 1 classes, adding 200-some students to the 400 already receiving the program, and (2) to begin offering ‘FRIENDS FOR LIFE’ (for ages 8 to 11) in the same schools.