Région 14 – Lanaudière

ECOL – English Community Organization of Lanaudière

ECOL seeks to develop relationships with health professionals and institutions to cooperate on improving accessibility for the English-speaking community to public health information and services. Outcomes expected include an increase in health promotion and public health information available in the English language and disseminated to the ESC. Activities include identifying promotion materials and programs available to the community at large, evaluating the priorities of the ESC and establishing priorities for health promotion activities. ECOL aims to work with partners to develop and implement a health promotion project for the ESC members, whereby a health promotion or disease prevention project/campaign targeting a vulnerable English-speaking population group is created or adapted and providing important information for this group at risk. Research, new information and best practices in public health, as it relates to minority communities, will be sourced to address the specific needs of the community served by ECOL.