Région 3 – Capitale-Nationale

Jeffery Hale Community Partners

Jeffery Hale Community Partners (JHCP) assumes leadership in the ongoing development of health promotion programs and, along with its core partners, aims to further reduce any gap in available services offered to the English-speaking community of the Greater Quebec City region.

JHCP will continue to work on maintaining and enhancing existing services to vulnerable youth, including special needs and early childhood. Always keeping abreast of the evolution of the needs of the English-speaking community, JHCP will work on updating the knowledge base by constant monitoring of the population’s health condition and its determinants in order to ensure that the needs of the community are responded to.

JHCP will also share best practices by bringing together public and community partners through the NPI Networking Table with a focus on developing health promotion opportunities that will address the English-speaking community needs, such as enhancing the dissemination of health and social services information and documentation available in English to the community.