Région 5 – Estrie

Townshippers’ Association

Townshippers’ Association will ensure that health promotion initiatives for the Townships English-speaking minority are continuously coordinated and integrated into the existing institutional and community health promotion initiatives. Efforts will continue to build on existing initiatives, promote and support new initiatives and adapt recently produced tools so that members of the ESC in diverse regions of the Townships can benefit from improved access to health promotion and disease prevention information. This will happen through an updated knowledge base, as well as through dissemination of information and strategies to address health promotion needs.

HPP would involve prenatal courses and a Mother Goose program in English for young children, an “Invisible Theatre Project” for high school youth, and activities regarding mental health of adults. All of these proposed activities are done in conjunction with health partners in the local area, and thanks to active participation in cross-sector working groups. All information will be kept current via the website.