Région 9 – Côte-Nord

Coasters Association

The Lower North Shore is a vibrant region of Quebec rich in culture and history. However, due to its isolation, challenges with transportation, retention of health professionals, and lack of access to a variety of health and social services the LNS has struggled. The HPP projects of past have enabled the Coasters Association to develop and establish a number of Senior Day Centers on the territory. With this current funding the Day Centres have an ability to continue developing programming and establish the much-needed plans for sustainability.

The project aims to: maintain the six (6) existing Senior and those with a loss of autonomy Day Centers; maintain and increase the capacity of local advisory groups that oversee the Day Centers; and, with the CSSS Basse-Cote-Nord HPP Action Planning Committee, develop and implement a “Panier de Service” for health promotion and disease prevention for use at day centers as well as a health promotion action plan across the territory.

North Shore Community Association

The 2-year programming period will focus on promotion and delivery of health and well-being events/activities for seniors and youth. The project will mainly target the senior population; but support will also be extended to youth and young parents. The impact of the project will

  1. Provide a variety of programs to enhance the physical, intellectual, social and health and well-being of seniors and youth;
  2. Increase coordination and integration of health promotion initiatives for English-speaking population within institutions and the community;
  3. Encourage senior participation in health promotion activities with youth that will help them become more active and vital members of the English-speaking community.