Mission and objectives

The vision of the African-Canadian Development and Prevention Network is for a healthy and fully integrated multicultural Canadian community. The purpose of the ACDP Network is to foster solidarity and inter-organizational collaboration across sectors that influence the health of the black community.

The mission of the ACDP Network is to:

  • Promote a thriving multicultural Canadian community
  • Support the Strengthening of Black families
  • Foster the mobilization of community assets
  • Facilitate capacity building
  • Promote healthy practices and best prevention models
  • Develop economic opportunities, education, housing and cultural pride

Cultural framework

The Networks agenda is grounded on two fundamental convictions:

  1. There is no substitute for strong families to ensure that Black children grow up to be capable adults.
  2. The ability of Black families to raise children is often inextricably linked to conditions in their communities.

Afro-centric Principles

We embrace the NGUZO SABA (the seven principles of Kwanzaa) as the foundation principles of the ACDP Network. We believe that these principles serve to provide cultural grounding and a framework for collective action.

Kwanzaa was created to introduce and reinforce seven basic values of African culture which contribute to building and reinforcing family, community, and culture among African American people as well as Africans throughout the world.


Ensuring access for the Montreal English-speaking Community

ACDP Network increases the vitality of Black English-speaking communities’ across Montreal by building strategic relationships within the health and social services system that improve access to services and enhance the capacity of community resources, associations, public institutions, and other organizations.

Services for membership organizations

Change agent

  • Seek out capabilities of communities to develop innovative practice
  • Increase channels of communication between community and statutory services
  • Identify community concern and gaps in services

Access Facilitator

  • Helping people find effective pathways across services
  • Directing people to community resources
  • Address language barriers and other services

Service Developer

  • Advising on training & education of staff
  • Highlight the importance of culture in service systems and practice
  • Develop partnerships between statutory & community services

Capacity builder

  • Developing socially inclusive communities
  • Engaging in the establishment of community leadership
  • Assist in the development of community organizations

Services for the community

  • Interactive website as a way to learn, network, and participate in ACDP Network development
  • Resources in prevention for the black community
  • Development of best practice programming
  • Support to cultural event

Strengthening Black Families Program

The Strengthening Black Families Program (SBFP) is a program funded by Health Canada and offered at three of ACDP Network’s membership organizations; Côte-des-Neiges Black Community Association, NDG Black Community Association, and West Island Black Community Association.The Strengthening Families program developed in 1988 by Dr. Karol Kumpfer of the University of Utah was culturally adapted by ACDP Network and evaluated in partnership with McGill School of Social Work.

This is a culturally sensitive program effective for black families with children ages 6-12 that enhances family skill building, child socialization, and improves parent/child communication skills.


  • A program delivered by certified trainers from the black community who culturally identify with the families and afro-centric values.
  • Parents have the opportunity to share concerns and build a support network with other participants.
  • Parents learn how to reduce stress to enhance their well being and children learn to develop a strong sense of self.
  • Each session is filled with fun activities that teach easy ways to build on your strengths and improve family bonds