Agape is a non-profit, charitable organization. Our mission is to enhance the vitality of the underprivileged English-speaking and multicultural people of Laval by offering a wide variety of services that promote and improve mental and physical well-being.

By definition, the word “Agape” (ancient Greek) is translated into English, meaning love: the highest form of love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God. “Agape” embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends and that serves regardless of circumstances.


Our vision is that all people of Laval have access to the indispensable things in life such as food, shelter and clothing and that all people have equal opportunities with regards to education and healthcare


AGAPE continues to support underprivileged families and we work hard to initiate and promote activities to ensure the vitality of the English-speaking community of  Laval.

After 35 years of history, AGAPE is now serving over 1,250 families yearly and continues to offer other services including:

and much, much more…

With the support of local schools, churches, independent donors and many other partners, we are able to arrange annual food drives and distribution among our list of underprivileged families.