AMI-Quebec is a grassroots organization committed to helping families cope with the effects of mental illness through support, education, information and advocacy. By raising public awareness, we help dispel the shame and stigma that too often surround mental illness. Mental illness, known to be biologically-based brain disorders, can profoundly disrupt a person’s ability to think, feel and relate to others. Mental illness affects not only individuals but their families, friends, and everyone around them.



AMI-Québec’s support groups provide a warm welcome to everyone. There are support groups for family caregivers only, for those suffering from mental illness, and mixed groups for both. Support groups help participants feel less alone and better understand and cope with the implications of mental illness in their everyday life.

Facilitated by people who have experience, either as a caregiver or having lived with mental illness, support groups help you develop a healthy perspective on mental illness, explore coping strategies, and learn about support services and resources in the community.

An average of 12 support groups per month are offered by AMI-Quebec. These include general groups for families residing in Montreal and on the South Shore; specialty groups focusing on depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, hoarding, and obsessive compulsive disorder for families and people living with mental illness; and a self-help support group for people living with mental illness.


We offer many workshops, including workshops on communication, coping skills, diagnosis and treatment, recovery, resilience, and introduction to Borderline Personality Disorder. We also have mindfulness and yoga workshops. Our Hoard No More workshop runs for 22 weeks.

Counseling for family and friends of someone living with mental illness. Sessions take place at our office, but we can also meet by phone or Skype if you live outside of Montreal.


Our in-house lending library includes over 700 books and DVDs that cover a wide range of information about mental illness, mental health, and recovery.

Share & Care: 

This is AMI-Quebec’s quarterly newsletter that is distributed to members, health professionals and the community.

Public Awareness:

Our public awareness and outreach program offers a wide range of presentations in various settings, including schools, universities, and community organizations. A trained presenter opens the session by explaining the different major mental health issues, including a description of mental illnesses, warning signs, and coping strategies. The presenter will then introduce a volunteer speaker to share his/her personal story on how they overcame their struggles with mental illness in themselves or in a loved one. A question and answer period follows.

Networking and Advocacy:

Continuous efforts are made to liaise with mental health professionals in hospitals and CLSCs and with caregivers in the community.

Our Advocacy Committee was created to advocate on behalf of consumers and their families, and to combat stigma by watching the public media for any wrongful or hurtful reportage on mental illness.

YouTube and SoundCloud:
Available 24/7, our YouTube and SoundCloud channels contain a wealth of information about mental illness and mental health. Learn about our healthcare system, anxiety, psychotic disorders, and more.


Information about mental health, mental health resources, and mental health education can be found on the AMI-Quebec site at