Children and youth have a right to live and grow in safe and stable environments. To this end, Batshaw Youth and Family Centres provides psychosocial, rehabilitation, and social integration services primarily related to the Youth Protection Act, the Young Offenders Act and An Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services (R.S.Q. Chapter S-4.2). It also ensures the provision of services related to child placement, adoption and adoption disclosure, expertise to the Superior Court and mediation.

Services are provided to residents of the island of Montreal who wish to receive these services in English and to the Jewish community of Montreal, in either French or English.

In addition, Batshaw Youth and Family Centres offers rehabilitation placement services to English-speaking youth throughout the province of Quebec.

Our commitment is:

  • To the protection, safety and development of the child.
  • To strengthen the role of parents and the family unit.
  • To provide individualized services to meet the needs of children and their families, and to act to protect society when necessary, respecting the various laws that govern us and within the limits of our resources.
  • To respect the values, beliefs and sexual orientations of those we serve in this community which has many races, languages, cultures and religions.
  • To promote the professional development of our staff.
  • To work with other organizations which will help us to provide quality services, manage effectively and above all, to promote the interests and rights of young people and their families.