The Butters Foundation is a charter member of CHSSN. It was created in 1976 as a legacy to Mrs. Lily Butters who won the Order of Canada in 1972 for her work in serving intellectually disabled children and their families for 25 years along the shores of Lake Memphremagog. The first mandate of the foundation was to purchase or build community-based housing for clients from the original Butters property in Austin, Brome County. With the complete deinstitutionalization of the property in 1991, the foundation launched a new mandate of helping families raise and care for their disabled member at home and in the community. Various projects and programs were set up to support families such as the purchase of specialized equipment, and the subsidization of summer and winter camp experiences leading to fun for the campers and respite for the siblings & parents.

Recently the needs of families who are caring for disabled children with special needs, i.e. with severe behavioral issues, has led the foundation to focus its energies on projects that create new best practices in reducing or eliminating behavioral issues in children before these issues reach catastrophic proportions. These projects are carried out by the public rehab system in the Montérégie region in partnership with Dr. Diane Morin and her research team at UQAM. Anti-social behavior in toddlers is usually cute, but similar antics from young adults can be dangerous and disruptive in positive family life.

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