The Canadian-Italian Community Services of Quebec Inc. (SCCIQ)

The Canadian-Italian Community Services of Quebec Inc. (SCCIQ) is a charitable non-profit organization founded in 1978.


The mission of the SCCIQ is to assist in the establishment and promotion of cultural activities, services and programs in the Italian Community with the aim of providing individuals, groups and organizations with opportunities to fully integrate and take advantage of the existing services offered by Quebec and Canadian society.


Provide psychosocial assistance to targeted groups such as the elderly, adults, families and youth, provide information on existing services to the community, identify and document the needs of the community, promote healthy living within the community, Provide support and assistance to community groups and organizations, promote Italian culture and language within the community and encourage students of Italian origin to realize their full potential

Programs and Services

Active listening, intervention, counseling and referrals:

  • On the phone
  • Appointment, walk-in
  • Free income tax clinic

Legal clinic:

  • Free consultation with a lawyer

Translation and other assistance in the filling out of official forms:

  • Census
  • Unemployment
  • Passports and others

Confort Culturel Program for elderly who live in long-term care facilities.

Referral to existing resources and support to caregivers of elderly, ill or handicapped persons.

Conferences and promotion of programs on health-related subjects such as:

  • Hepatitis C
  • Alzheimer
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Healthy eating.

Free Flu vaccination clinic

Counseling/referral and support to such groups or social problems:

  • Widowers or persons grieving and experiencing a loss
  • Individuals suffering from substance abuse, addiction and their families (ex. Drugs, alcohol)
  • Persons suffering from depression and other problems