The Coasters Association Inc., formed in 1988 by a group of concerned coastal residents and incorporated in 1991, is a non-profit organization with the clear objective of creating, supporting and promoting ideas and actions that contribute to the vitality of the Lower North Shore.

The Coasters Association is funded in part by the Ministry of Canada Heritage, while the remainder of the funding derives from fund-raising drives, donations, and memberships. Their membership currently numbers 3,542 on and off the Lower North Shore and is constantly increasing.

The Coasters Association’s plan of action is to keep in touch regularly with government officials, present their point of view and demands with solid facts and figures to commissions and task forces, monitor demographic, social and political trends, hold work sessions and conferences on topics affecting the future of the people of the Lower North Shore and organize public meetings on current issues.

What’s New?

Just completed a needs assessment study for the seniors and disabled population, reports are available at the office. A research study has been completed on the literacy situation on the coast, and a report will be published soon. Assisting the fishermen with a management plan, the Tourism Development Corporation with an action plan and the Transportation Coalition with a feasibility study to implement route 138. Researched information to produce a directory of coastal services, which will be completed in the near future, and researched information to produce a directory of scholarships/awards, etc., for our post secondary students. Set-up prevention measures on drug and alcohol abuse, a report and pamphlet will be produced and circulated by May, 2002 . Researched and produced a report on all the organizations serving the Lower North Shore, their mandate, present activities and future plans. Researched and produce a report on the needs and possible solutions regarding education, health and social services, transportation, communication, tourism and fisheries, as they affect the communities on the coast. Working on a project to set-up prevention measure regarding the crime situation on the Lower North Shore. A youth service program will be implemented on the coast in early April.


The Coasters Association works on several dossiers that are beneficial to the population of the Lower North Shore,

Services1Such as:

  • Health and Social Services,
  • Education,
  • Tourism,
  • Communications,
  • Youth Initiatives,
  • Job Opportunities,
  • Economic Development,
  • Community Development,
  • Language and Constitutional Issues,
  • Heritage and Cultural Affairs and
  • Transportation.