For the past half-century, Contactivity Centre has been a seniors community centre nestled in Westmount but open to all. Members are active seniors 60+. The Centre offers a wide variety of fitness activities, workshops, interest groups, courses, inter-generational projects, creative and cultural activities and excursions as well as community meals, and localized home support volunteer services. During the pandemic, many of the Centre’s activities switched to on-line, and Contactivity intends to keep a portion of that component even when they will also have in-person offerings.

Contactivity Centre’s primary emphasis is on alleviating social isolation, prevention of physical and cognitive losses, promotion of health and wellness and facilitation of social and societal engagement and the maintenance and even increase of autonomy, self-efficacy and connectedness.

Contactivity Centre can be reached by phone and the website can be accessed for up-to-date events and activities at