English-speaking communities in the east-end of the island represent a significant 14.6% of the area’s population. However, it is common that the needs of these communities are overlooked. Québec law provides for the right to receive health and social services in English, depending on available resources. REISA seeks to develop resources and services in English and promote the English language as a communication tool and not as the language of work, in areas where minority groups are more comfortable receiving services in English than in French. Examples of these groups include Chinese, Latino, Indian, Pakistani, Polish and Italian communities.

Established in 2005, REISA has assisted partnership development in three main areas: expansion of local-level services, outreach to new services and community capacity-building. Keeping the English-speaking communities’ needs in mind, REISA has identified four priority development sectors: Youth, Seniors, Intellectual Deficiency and Mental Health.


REISA is a network of community organisations and public health institutions.

REISA works within Quebec’s linguistic legal framework to pursue community development in harmony with local community associations.

Quebec health reform calls upon communities to contribute to the health and well-being of our vibrant multicultural society. REISA unites groups who offer services in English and in other languages. REISA does not offer direct services.

REISA supports community development in the following fields:

  • Addiction services
  • Drug awareness and prevention in schools and in the community
  • Family counselling and mediation
  • Integration of student trainees in community projects
  • Mental health information and support groups
  • Parenting skills
  • Prevention and management of diabetes
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Services to children with special needs
  • Services to seniors
  • Support groups for caregivers
  • Support to English-language training for health professionals
  • Volunteer resource management

Support services include consulting for:

  • project design and grant writing
  • resource management and development
  • program evaluation, financial and activity reporting
  • local and cross-Quebec networking
  • statistical and demographic analysis
  • strategy development
  • needs evaluation and the development of projects to meet those needs

NPI Networking
Seventeen Quebec English-speaking minority communities benefit from organisational support teams such as REISA. Through Health Canada’s Networking Partnership Initiative Funding and with the support from the Government of Québec, the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN) promotes community development and capacity-building.

Community Learning Center (CLC) Networking

REISA shares the Montreal region’s considerable expertise with partner networks through videoconferencing. A telephone conference calendar responds to the needs of Quebec minority English-speaking communities and promotes sharing of successful initiatives.