Eastern Shores School Board serves a geographic area that extends from Fermont in the north, to Rivière-du-Loup in the west, the Bay of Chaleur in the south, and the Magdalen Islands in the east. This represents an area of almost one-third of the province of Québec.


There are eighteen (18) schools providing education to the youth sector, six (6) adult education centers, one (1) center for handicapped (adult) students, and one (1) school offering day-care services on an experimental basis.


Eastern Shores School Board is composed of thirteen (13) Commissioners, eleven (11) of which are elected and two (2) of which are Parent Commissioners. Three (3) of the elected Commissioners represent the North Shore, one (1) represents the Magdalen Islands, and seven (7) represent the Gaspé Peninsula. Of the Parent Commissioners, one (1) represents the North Shore, and one (1) the Peninsula and the Islands.


In order to provide quality education for all of the students within the Board’s jurisdiction, Eastern Shores School Board has engaged one hundred fifty (150) full and part-time teachers, nineteen (19) Teacher Aides, five (5) part-time Recreational Activities Technicians, two (2) part-time Special Ed Resource personnel, three (3) part-time Computer Technicians, twenty (20) School Secretaries, and nine (9) School Administrators.

At the School Board level, there are sixteen (16) employees. Of the sixteen, two (2) are directors, three (3) are classified in the professional category, three (3) are cadre, and eight (8) are members of the support staff.


In addition to the regular MEQ programmes offered to the Youth Sector, the Continuing Education Sector of Eastern Shores School Board is providing an equally valuable service to the adult population by offering academic, professional, technical, and vocational education to its clientele.

In order to provide a variety of course selections to the adults, we offer certain courses through agreement with other Anglophone school boards in the province. For example, a Machinist Course and a Registered Nursing Assistant Course are offered in cooperation with Lester B. Pearson School Board; a Carpentry Course is offered in cooperation with Eastern Townships School Board.