English Community Organization of Lanaudière (ECOL) was incorporated in 2012 by a group of dedicated volunteers whose mission was to promote the well-being of members of the English-speaking community of the Lanaudière region.
Our mandate has expanded to offer a wide variety of services, initiatives and programs for all age groups through:

  • community animation, health prevention and promotion activities for seniors at its Wellness Centres.
  • early childhood, youth and intergenerational activities
  • transition to Cegep, bursary and career opportunities
  • cultural and heritage activities
  • community Outreach to individuals and families

ECOL strives to facilitate better access to health and social services in English by offering information, support, accompaniment, and referrals to individuals, identifying resources available in the region. We are the main source and provider of pertinent English-language documentation in the Lanaudière area.
If you have questions or concerns regarding access to, or quality of, regional health and social services, please contact us at:

ecollanaudiere@hotmail.com or GIVE US A CALL: 8:30 am to 4 pm

450 421-5379 (Executive Director),
450 421-5929 (Project Officer)

Head Office: 3657 Queen Street, Rawdon Québec J0K 1S0 – 450 834-2268

Satellite Office: 2500 boul. Mascouche Bureau 213, Mascouche QC. J7K 0H5 – 514-444-5379

Website: http://www.ecol-lanaudiere.org

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