Friends for Mental Health are a bilingual association of parents and friends of people with a mental illness.

We provide families and friends with support, information and education to help them cope more effectively with the mental illness of a loved one.

We cooperate with other mental health resources (professionals, hospitals, CLSCs and other community organizations).

We educate the general population about mental illness in order to demystify it.

We aim to improve the quality of mental health services in the community.



Professionals and specialists discuss a variety of subjects relating to mental health.

A bulletin of information, articles and upcoming events distributed in the community— also available on our website.

We have a collection of books, pamphlets and audio-visual material pertaining to mental illness. Books and Internet access are for members only.


Discussion Groups
Professionals discuss practical information, coping strategies and life skills.

Support Groups
An opportunity for sharing and self-help for relatives and friends.


Telephone Assistance
Support, orientation & referrals.

Individual Consultation
Confidential one-on-one counselling.

Family Support Program
Short and mid term follow-up to help families cope more effectively with the mental illness of their loved one. Guides family members to recognize and use their own personal resources as well as those in the community.

Individual accompaniment, home visits, group outings and activities, community suppers and camps for members and/or their loved one.

Take advantage of the experience of families as well as our professional and specialized resources in mental health.