The Groupe Accessibilité St-Augustin is a registered charitable/ non-profit organization, whose mission/mandate is to implement and organize activities/events for individuals who suffer from various disabilities along the Lower North Shore region of Quebec.

Groupe Accessibilité St-Augustin has been in existence since 2009 due to the concerns from various community members for their disabled population and how they can be better supported.

The organizational objectives are as follows:

  • Increase visibility for disabled
  • Facilitate integration within local community
  • Develop positive relationships with the community at large
  • Increase activities for those with disability
  • Promote volunteerism
  • Increase awareness and sensitivity regarding the needs and rights of disabled
  • Develop partnerships with community members and organizations.
  • Development of recreational, social and educational activities

Groupe Accessibilité St. Augustine:

“Lending a Voice that can reach across all Boundaries!!!!”