Our Mission

The North Shore Community Association is a non-profit regional organization dedicated to serving, representing, and instilling pride in the English-speaking community of Quebec’s North Shore. Our aim is to empower residents and to strengthen the community across the region by working to make information and resources available by facilitating community initiatives, by encouraging and improving communication, by promoting access to services, by developing partnerships and by increasing the visibility of the English-speaking community. Together, we are building a vital, informed and strong community.


  • Promotion and participation in social and cultural events within the English-speaking community;
  • Facilitation of information sharing with the English-speaking community;
  • Publication and distribution of the community newsletter ‘Let’s Get Connected’;
  • Research about the English-speaking community of the North Shore;
  • Helping to improve access to Health and Social Services for the English-speaking population of the North Shore (information, documentation, video-conferences, etc.)