Back in 1856, Reverend Father Bernard McGauran founded Saint Brigid’s Home as a shelter for Irish immigrants, widows and orphans. A few years later, in 1865, Jeffery Hale left money in his will to establish a hospital to care for sick and disabled Protestants.

While they were of different faiths, these two men had some very important traits in common; remarkable foresight and shared vision of compassion and caring.

Our founders’ legacy of forward thinking and compassion continued in April 2007 when these esteemed institutions joined forces to become Saint Brigid’s – Jeffery Hale Hospital. By uniting, we have created a solid organization that is a positive force in the local health system, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of the English-speaking population.


We promote togetherness among our sites by sharing best practices and expertise. At the same time, however, we also aim to maintain the unique identities of each long-standing organization in order to preserve their history and notable accomplishments.

At Saint Brigid’s – Jeffery Hale Hospital we are constantly striving to increase our appeal by offering high quality services with a warm and welcoming touch.


Guided by the needs of the clients and the communities we serve, Saint Brigid’s – Jeffery Hale Hospital’s overall mission is firmly anchored in providing primary care. We are legally mandated as a Residential and Long Term Care Centre with complementary missions for Hospital Centre services and Community (CLSC) services.

We also have the mandate to serve the region’s English-speaking population. To fulfill this role, in addition to offering all of our services in English, we pursue various initiatives to ensure that this community has access to care and services in their language.


Saint Brigid’s – Jeffery Hale Hospital collaborates actively with our institutional and community partners in the Capitale-Nationale (Greater Quebec City) region in providing:

General and community services for all age groups:

  • a walk-in emergency, diagnostic services (medical imagery and lab tests), and an outpatient clinic;
  • community services: free CLSC-type health and social for English-speakers consisting of family, child and youth services, psychosocial and mental health services, as well as seniors’ homecare and day center services.

Geriatric care services for seniors facing autonomy loss:

  • two long-term care residences (142 beds at Saint Brigid’s Home, 102 beds at Jeffery Hale);
  • a 23-bed community geriatrics unit (UTRF), including seven palliative care beds, as well as;
  • outpatient specialized geriatric and psycho-geriatric consultations.

Jeffery Hale Hospital

Saint Brigid’s Home