The South Shore Community Partners Network (SSCPN)  – (Regroupement réseau communautaire rive-sud) is a volunteer-based non-profit corporation whose objective is to build a sense of community among the Montreal South Shore English-speaking community groups by helping to encourage awareness of their various activities, programs, and support services.  To be added or to be removed to our Email newsletter you must make a request to also added  For community information and events, visit us at:

An important role the SSCPN has taken on is beginning a vital Link between the English-Language Community (ESC) on the South Shore and community organisations along with various government contacts.

Our role is to help both individuals and service providers take advantage of the community resources available to them. in any given month we forward or reply to a hundred emails or calls requesting information or sharing news about an upcoming community events or program. By actively participating on various committees along with providing services that meet community needs the SSCPN and our network of members and volunteers form an integral part on the South Shore ESC .

By linking together a network of community organizations we are playing an important role in voicing the concerns of the ESC to various interest groups.

Acting as the most traveled bridge between different community organizations.


The SSCPN has becomes an invaluable tool to the South Shore English Language community in many ways:

  • Forwards a monthly email newsletter,
  • Offers general information and direction regarding services.
  • Prints directories are designed to promote community associations, issues, services and events that could be beneficial to the South Shore English-language community.

Spread the word! Forward our newsletters and or directories to your contact list.

Looking for information on local community services? Have an event or service you want to promote? … contact the SSCPN.

To post notices or information in our newsletter and or update our directories please forward them ASAP by calling 450-466-1325 or by email. (Publication policies are listed on our website).