Over the past two years, Townshippers’ Association has undertaken a strategic planning process that has led to structural changes and new five-year objectives.

Last June, at our first-ever spring-time Annual General Meeting, Peter Quilliams of Fulford was acclaimed president. Members of the Board of Directors are Brenda Bailey (Ulverton), Kim Bailey (Sherbrooke), Heather Bowman (Sherbrooke), Richard Callan (Sawyerville), Eric Clark (Lennoxville), Dewey Durrell (Brome Lake), Ralph Farley (Canton Cleveland), Alice Gunhouse (St. Ignace de Stanbridge), Albert Haller (Brome), Caroline Kehne (Clarenceville), Heather Keith-Ryan (Potton Township), Steve Kelly (Waterloo), Suzanne Lloyd (Rock Forest), Gary Richards (South Stukely), Stuart Robinson (Rock Forest), Ursula Ruf (Stanstead), Marion Wood Standish (Rougemont), Gloria Welch (North Hatley) and Peter Whitcomb (Thetford Mines).


Last fall, the board approved a new committee structure designed to work toward the Association’s five-year objectives.

Committees are:

  • Townshippers of Tomorrow. Michael J. van Lierop, chairperson. Its mission is to ensure that young people are informed about the advantages and opportunities for living in the Eastern Townships, and to facilitate their reaching their full potential.
  • Community and Culture, chaired by Heather Bowman, aims to support and showcase the English-speaking community of the Eastern Townships and its heritage and culture. – A sub-committee, Heritage & Cultural Affairs, is co-chaired by Bev Smith and Stuart Robinson.
  • Knowledge Base, chaired by Peter Quilliams, has the mission of developing and maintaining a knowledge base concerning the English-speaking community in the Eastern Townships and its context.
  • Communications, chaired by Gloria Welch, aims to develop and oversee an effective communications strategy that reflects the Association’s mission, objectives and plan.
  • A sub-committee, Community Outreach (Kim Bailey, chairperson), is working to carry out a long-term sustainable outreach strategy.
  • Health & Social Services. An umbrella committee is chaired by Heather Keith-Ryan with the role of advocating access to appropriate health and social services in English, and promoting the development of services in English as needed.
  • Two sub-committees , (East, chaired by Ursula Ruf, and West, chaired by Marion Standish) address local needs.
  • Membership (Steve Kelly, chairperson) oversees membership recruitment and maintenance.
  • Finance (Ralph Farley, chairperson) oversees the finances of the Association.