Vision Gaspé-Percé Now continues to make the coming together and advancing of the English-speaking population its top priority.  As non-profit community organization, Vision’s mandate is to ensure that services are provided for our community in the language we use and to enhance the quality of life for all English-speaking Gaspesians. We accomplish this by making our presence in the community known, by preserving our heritage, and by promoting the unique characteristics we have to offer our Francophone and Aboriginal neighbours.

Vision’s mandate targets key resources in health and social services, education, and community development and we support other organizations and committees that strive to accomplish the same mandate. Vision labours to improve the lives of our community by reaching out to our senior, student, and family populations.

Vision has developed partnerships with the major institutions in our community such as our hospital, senior centres, schools, and government agencies to ensure that the needs and concerns of the English community are heard and recognized. We work with them to find solutions to our common concerns.

What sets us apart as an organization is the broad scope of our activities, both geographically and in the range of subjects we cover. In our attempts to recruit and encourage volunteerism, Vision is making English-speaking Gaspé a more inclusive, informed, and tightly-knit community for everyone.