Day 2 Description
10:00AM – 10:05AM WELCOME
10:05AM – 10:25AM KEYNOTE “Recognising signs of burnout” Amanda Keller
10:25AM – 10:40AM ENERGISER Crystal Baran
10:40AM – 10:45AM BREAK
Taste Test Workshop
Argyle Institute, INBO, SAQ, TIP-OA

Taste Test Workshops
Argyle Institute, INBO, SAQ, TIP-OA
11:15AM – 11:20AM BREAK
Taste Test Workshops
Argyle Institute, INBO, SAQ, TIP-OA
Taste Test Workshops
Argyle Institute, INBO, SAQ, TIP-OA

Presenter bios

Crystal Baran

Crystal is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Naturotherapist, specializing in stress and burnout.  Crystal helps her clients to overcome the overwhelm, regain the confidence that they have deep inside and overall stress-less. She believes that we all have the ability to heal ourselves if only given the opportunity to tap into that healing power. Having overcome depression and corporate burnout herself, she now lives her authentic life by helping others light their paths to wellness.

Amanda Keller

Amanda Keller is an entrepreneur, activist, researcher, former clinician and Ph.D. student. Through her advocacy work she is recognized as one of the most prominent voices in Quebec fighting for transformative change to child welfare services. She is the founder of CARE Jeunesse, a grassroots peer support organization for alumni of foster care. She has ten years of clinical experience working with youth suffering from complex difficulties such as addiction and mental health issues. She combines her personal, professional and academic knowledge to lead meaningful change.

Argyle Institute
The core mission of the Argyle is to continue to offer excellence in psychotherapy & training at affordable rates.

They offer a wide range of services: individual therapy, couple counselling, family therapy, counselling services for groups, training and supervision for professionals as well as community agencies, and the business world. The institute’s programs are constantly monitored for quality assurance and evolve to meet the needs of those we serve.

Jess Malz

Jess Malz, Inbo’s founder, was an enterprising child who started creating business plans for fun at the age of 5. But at school, they were disengaged—and led to believe they were the problem. But Jess was always in love with learning, and during university, it dawned on them that learning is a lifetime endeavour—and that adults need support too. Inbo aims to provide that support by creating connection and play online, through engaging learning experiences that elevate the voices and address the needs of every person in the room.

Mirella Castrechini M SC, PPCC

Resilience Training Program is a Seniors Action Quebec project, is sponsored by Canadian Heritage. It is a training program intended to bring new perspectives to the many challenges faced by community outreach workers, volunteer leaders, stakeholders, social workers and other roles that offer support to seniors seeking help.
Although it may seem counter-intuitive to suggest resilience training to help seniors, it can be very helpful at this stage in their life. After all, they have faced many obstacles and overcome many of life’s challenges, begging the question: What is left for them to learn and how will resilience training be beneficial to them? The short answer is that as a trainer, you will have the ability to train others to help seniors confront issues more efficiently.
The aim of this program is two-fold First, to provide a program that can help seniors build resilience skills that will empower them to self-advocate, build social networks and nurture community involvement and second, to inspire community leaders to develop programs or activities that can provide the support for seniors to remain engaged and contribute to their quality of life. This is a 6 part series covering Resilience competencies such as , Self -Awareness, Character Strengths , Coping. Control.

Syeda Bukhari, PhD

In response to COVID-19, a team at the Jewish General Hospital program has developed a large-scale, multi-lingual Telehealth Intervention Program for Older Adults (TIP-OA) with a preventative focus offering friendly phone calls 1-2 times/week to older adults by trained volunteers. Currently, this program is only being offered across the island of Montreal but will soon be available for other parts of the province. This is an open community initiative, offered to all older adults 60+. This service is not limited to only clients who face mental health issues acute isolation in the face of the pandemic – but to any older adult who could benefit from social connection and conversation with a volunteer.

Since April 2020 we have trained 200+ volunteers and served more than 600 clients in Montreal. Within a short span of time, TIP-OA has turned into an official platform for training a large army of student volunteers within the health sciences (e.g. Medicine, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Psychology, Psychiatry, etc.) TIP-OA has also become a hub for community organizations serving older adults by offering 1) service to their clients 2) help building their capacity through training and knowledge sharing 3) involving them in research and evaluation processes. TIP-OA is improving a sense of social connection, mental and overall health, and working towards ultimately reducing strain on the healthcare system. The program is also improving intergenerational connections by promoting a caring, compassionate sense of community.