“Mental Health and Covid-9” Webinaire(anglais seulement)

An online event bringing together government, the health sector, researches, community, and lived/living experience leader from across Montreal


Karen Allen

Tony Alfonso

Chrystal & Faye Assee

Crystal Baran

Erica Botner

Syeda Nayab Bukhari

Tania Callender

Mirella Castrechini M SC, PPCC

Kristina (Kristy) Findlay, M.Sc.O(C)

Zelda Freitas

Argyle Institute

Amanda Keller

Thierry Lindor

Jess Malz

Tina Montreuil

Joanne Pocock, PhD

David Robinson

Gustavo Turecki MD PhD

Guylaine Vaillancourt

Anne Usher