The Bright Beginnings program is designed with the aim of mobilizing partners to enhance the well-being and educational success of English-speaking children and youth in Quebec. Funding for this program is provided by the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation and the project is managed by CHSSN.

The Bright Beginnings initiative is inspired by the CHSSN/NPI model and adopts many of its strategies and principles. This model emphasizes the implementation of knowledge, networking, representation, outreach and partnerships as key strategies to support local, regional and provincial partners to improve existing services for the English-speaking 0-17 population.

Early Childhood Week Videos

Event : Supporting the Well-being of Young Children in English-speaking Communities!

Regional Mini Portraits: Children 0 – 5 and their Parents

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Bright Beginnings document

Bright Beginnings model graphic.

Provincial 0-5 socio-demographic portrait.

Regional 0-5 socio-demographic portraits.

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