Networking and Partnership Initiative

The CHSSN – Networking and Partnership Initiative (NPI) supports the development and mobilization of community health and social services networks throughout the province of Quebec to engage with local and regional partners in order to improve access to health and social services for the minority English-speaking population. This initiative is financed by Health Canada through the Action Plan for Official Languages 2018-2023: Investing in our Future

Community Health Education Program (CHEP)

The Community Health Education Program (CHEP) seeks to provide health education information to Quebec’s English-speaking communities using live video conference presentations in which community members have the opportunity to ask questions directly to an expert. CHEP aims to enhance collaboration between the communities and their public health professionals for increased knowledge and proactivity in self-managing their health care.

Bright Beginnings

The Bright Beginnings program is designed with the aim of mobilizing partners to enhance the well-being and educational success of English-speaking children and youth in Quebec.

Enhancing Regional Community Capacity Initiative (ERCC)

The CHSSN-ERCC initiative, supported by an investment from the Secretariat for relations with English-speaking Quebecers (SRQEA), supports English-speaking community organizations to expand their capacity to better represent the needs and priorities of their English-speaking populations with government stakeholders and extend the reach and scope of their activities.

Senior Wellness Centers