CHSSN Exchange Conference 2011

The objective of this conference is to review the three initiatives sponsored by the CHSSN and funded by Health Canada:

  • the Adaptation of Health and Social Services Initiative,
  • the Enhancing Knowledge Initiative, and
  • the Networking and Partnership Initiative.

These initiatives are currently underway and will remain in effect until March 31, 2013.

The symposium aims to bring together the key figures in these initiatives in order to share information and experiences related to their implementation. The new information provided and the knowledge of the participants involved will undoubtedly prove useful between now and the end of the projects currently being implemented.

The symposium has three objectives:

  • To review the implementation of health initiatives aimed at English-speaking individuals and communities in Quebec;
  • To share new information and experiences relating to those initiatives currently underway;
  • To identify best practices.

This event was made possible by the financial contribution of Health Canada.